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Escape from Tomorrow

Mickey Mouse Security a Threat to Guests

Ever wonder why there are no metal detectors at Walt Disney World Parks or Resorts?

It is well-known by security guards that Disney corporate cares NOTHING about guest security. They care ONLY ABOUT DISNEY PROPERTY.

See our other interviews, particular from Bill, security manager at Epcot, about the audacity of guests to expect security while spending thousands of dollars at the Walt Disney World parks and resorts.

Bill told us, “Do you have any idea how much it would cost Disney for metal detectors? We get 35,000 guests through these front gates EVERY DAY!

Isn’t that precisely WHY there should be decent security measures for guests, not just for Disney’s own property.

We’ve seen guests pull out large knives from socks, glass bottles from back packs, and much, much more in violation of Disney security policy. Often we walk into the parks with the guards doing little more than patting the outside of a purse and then saying, “Okay.”

And, of course, in Florida, Walt Disney World is notorious in inner circles for being in bed with Orlando Sheriff’s Department in covering up heinous crimes, particularly bloody ones, at Disney hotels.

Star “Whores” Weekends 2013 at Disney Hollywood Studios

Lackluster and over-crowded.

Disney cast members more rude than ever.

The one bright shining star in this galactic catastrophe was the show and signings by Warwick Davis. Warm, funny and genuinely just a nice guy, his show An Ewok’s Tale was brilliant. At his last autograph signing, when he was rushed to meet as many fans as he could in only 30 minutes before leaving to catch a plane to another engagement, in between signing items and taking photographs with guests, he HAND-signed a photo for each of 50 people in line who waited but couldn’t get to see him personally.

For all of you Star Wars fanatics who are reticent about this change of guard from Lucas to Disney, at least you won’t have to worry about merchandise being too limited. Walking through Darth’s Mall, a tent set up to take advantage of everyone’s pocket book, it was clear that Disney is known for nothing if it is not known for over-production. Vinylmation Star Wars piled to the roof, enough Lego to rebuild the actual full-size Death Star, and toppling mountains of plastic garbage. Looking closely at one particular playset, the plastic diorama was nothing more than cardboard!

May the farce be with you.

Meg Crofton and Caroline — It’s SECRETary NOT LIARtary!

Evidence that the lies start at the top.

Meg Crofton, president of Walt Disney World, makes it clear to cast members that she is honest and has an “open door” policy. She says that she encourages them to email or make an appointment for meeting at any time a cast member has an issue.

But one security officer found out differently.

This security officer called Ms. Crofton’s office with several urgent issues on Thursday, January 19, 2012. Caroline, Ms. Crofton’s LIARtary, told this security officer that Ms. Crofton was “out of the country.” The security officer was astonished to hear that the President of Walt Disney World would NOT be meeting with the President of the United States. He thought this seemed strange but was eager to make an appointment with Ms. Crofton so he asked when he could call back to make an appointment. Caroline was blunt and continued on her lying streak and persistently told the security officer again and again that Meg Crofton was out of the country, that she was traveling actually, and would not be back in the country for several weeks. (The actual telephone call has been archived with Walt Disney World.)

The security officer then telephoned several others in the Walt Disney World organization. The security officer reached one executive, Jack. When the security officer told him that he was unable to reach Meg Crofton to schedule an appointment, Jack told him, “Well, I should think Meg has a lot on her plate today. This is probably the biggest day in her career, meeting the President of the United States!”

The present-day Walt Disney World organization needs to amend Walt’s motto (It all started with a mouse) to:


This is precisely the LACK OF RESPECT Meg Crofton and the Walt Disney World organization have for its hard-working employees. A simple honest answer from Caroline that Ms. Crofton would be busy all day with the President in attendance would have been truthful and accomplished a great deal more than a silly, stupid lie. It just shows how Caroline and Meg Crofton truly view cast members. They do not respect them. Nor do Meg Crofton and Caroline respect themselves.

Lies have become the cement in the foundation of the American business model today.

Day Before Obama Visits Magic Kingdom, Disney World Axes Full-Time Security

Ah, the irony. The day before Obama is set to visit the Magic Kingdom to talk about increasing tourism and job opportunities, the Walt Disney World management reduces Disney security by axing full-time officers.

After interviewing several stunned officers, all are still bemused and many angry over the tactics used that targeted full-time veteran Disney security officers. Interrogations were humiliating, one man said. According to one security manager, “full-timers” were the target — reason being that Disney has a history of firing full-timers to train and hire part-timers to whom they do not have to pay benefits or overtiime pay. In fact, training of new security officers is in session.

Is it no wonder that Walt Disney World has a more tan 500% turn-over rate in human resources each year.

How safe can your family be when full-time officers, with commendable and proven records of exemplary performance, are consistently replaced with rookies unfamiliar with problems and unable to handle the simplest of events — all because Disney World doesn’t want to pay $11.00 per hour plus minimal benefits for highly-trained security.

Your family can risk it if Disney World can save a buck an hour per officer!

Walt Disney World Can’t Be Bothered with Metal Detectors

In an interview with Epcot senior security manager Bill of Philadelphia, I inquired as to why there are no metal detectors at Disney after we witnessed a man in line at the Maelstrom attraction of the Norway Pavilion pull a long switchblade from his boot. Bill became flustered and frantic and began spewing excuses. “Do you know how much it would cost Disney to install metal detectors? Do you know how long the entrance lines would be since we put 35,000 guests through this park alone every day?” I replied, “Isn’t that precisely the reason Walt Disney World needs metal detectors, particularly after what we witnessed here today?”

Knowing several security officers who have worked and left Disney security, it is certain that the security at the Walt Disney World parks and resorts is quite a Mickey Mouse operation and nothing more than a smoke screen. Presently, the only security between hundreds of thousands of guests and disasters of many sorts is an overworked, under-trained and under-paid group of Disney security officers who do nothing more than rifle through guest bags at the entrance to each of the four parks. Over the years, I have seen guests with their strollers go unchecked and enter the parks with all manner of hazardous items. Others with heavy jackets, sweaters and ethnic garb including full burka have ability to conceal disaster-causing properties without worry of search or seizure. One security officer I interviewed shed light on the true security Disney policy – Disney’s only concern is with Disney’s own property – Disney has no concern about the safety of the guests. This accounts for the lack of metal detectors. This accounts for the fact that Disney security officers are virtually unseen throughout the parks.

How do you feel about spending your hard-earned thousands of dollars knowing that Disney cares nothing for your family’s safety, only Disney property?

Walt Disney World Full-Time Security Officers Unjust Target of Cutbacks

In an interview of a Disney employee union representative,, he said he had never seen anything like this before — a rash of misdemeanor offenses by full-time security officers at the Walt Disney World resort typically dealt with by a wrist slap (such as time clocks not punching in employees to no fault of their own or turned-in reports being lost by upper management) is being prosecuted to this extreme extent. Over 100 full-time security officers were handed suspensions toward termination this week in an effort to not pay for overtime hours coming up for the Martin Luther King holiday. Walt Disney World human resources tactics have been termed cruel, but nothing as bad as this. It is widely known by Disney employees the Walt Disney World human resource management will stoop to no level too low to humiliate or destroy people’s careers for the sake of cutting costs.  This also comes at a time when many full-time officers are trying to put in for promotion or bid for specific open positions. Disney management knows that going about payroll-saving measures in this way will mar employee records, prohibiting them from job advancement and overtime. And they have gone after some of the top-commended security officers that work Walt Disney park and resort property, much to the bemusement of managers and union officials.

One officer, who has an exemplary record, has seen upwards of five times the guest positive comments in a single day and has been recognized by such “Gold Football” executives as Meg Crofton, was among the officers suspended. Direct managers told him they greatly apologized for this but that it looks like Disney management is “at it again.” When he saw one of his managers on January 17 outside of Disney casting, the manager remarked, “Hey, you’ve lost a lot of weight; you look great.” His response, “Yes, well, I guess it’s a good thing, too, because it looks like I’ll need to be interviewing elsewhere.” To which she replied, “Oh, you must be a full-timer.”

These tortuous tactics by Disney management of its loyal and dedicated security officers is deplorable.


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